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Welcome to our webpage! We are EVERSONG, a band that is inspired by music from the 30s-60s. We love swing, jazz, funk, rock, blues, gospel, and more. We try to blend what we love into our own modern style. If it could be described, it would probably be called “Funk-Jazz-Soul-Rock”. Since that is much too long and difficult to say, we like to call ourselves “Old School”. You might have noticed that our motto is “Out With the New, in With the Old”. That motto describes our goals well: we really like to bring back musical genres and styles that are “old”, and make them new.

We play shows in the Tokyo / Yokohama / Saitama area frequently, and tour do more distant areas periodically. We are recording our first single at the end of November 2018, and will be filming our music video soon after. We hope that you will support us in our musical journey.

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