EVERSONG is a mix of several genres, but if we had to box ourselves in, we'd probably call ourselves "Old School". We like to use elements of Jazz, Blues, Swing, and Soul in our music, mixed with Rock / Pop. This results in a catchy modern sound that has definite vintage roots but is a genre of its own.



Philip Gregory

Vocals / Guitar

Previously the frontman for signed touring act, Atomic Clock. Recorded projects with Casey Grill of Queensryche / Kamelot. Created EVERSONG in 2015 to have a band that reflects his influences: Sam Cooke, Steve Perry, Stevie Wonder, Louis Prima, Sarah Vaughn, Mr. Children.


Sho Nakashima


Sho is inspired by many styles of music, but his main influences are blues, rock, and jazz. He has supported a number of indie artists and cover bands in the Kansai and Kanto region before joining EVERSONG.

Sayuri (Cotton) Hirama


Sayuri is an accomplished and professional full-time keyboardist. She also writes her own music and sings. Sayuri joined EVERSONG in 2018 as the keyboardist and backup vocalist. She also plays flute and the Melodica.

Akira Furukawa


After 10 years performing as a drummer in Japan, he moved to Thailand and played in a local band with a Thai celebrity. After returning to Japan, he has been playing in several Jazz/Rock/Blues bands in the greater Tokyo area.

Asher Askew


Asher is a bandsman for the U.S. Army, and as such is an accomplished bassist. He also plays the violin and various other instruments. His knowledge of music theory is balanced by his groove. Asher recently moved to Japan and joined EVERSONG in 2018.

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